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Do you have a 4Runner clutch with a squeak?  Today I got around to fixing my clutch squeak noise on a 1996 (3rd generation) Toyota 4Runner. For the past several months, I have either been spraying the clutch with silicon or ignoring the squeak.  Ignoring works well until you have to drive others around in your rig and explain the annoying noise.  I also found that the silicon was too light (as opposed to a heavy grease) so it only lasted for about a week per application.  Yesterday I decided that it was time to get this squeak fixed once and for all.

The total cost of the fix was under $5.00 and requires about 30 minutes.  (Unless you are attempting to video the work.  Then it gets closer to 90 minutes.)  

Click the video on the right  ———> to watch how I did it ———>

The following are linear springs that folks have reported as working:

  • Ace Hardware or True Value: #70 spring
  • Generally – any spring that is roughly (5″ X 7/16″) w/ .047 wire diameter (The spring that worked for me was purchased at a big box hardware store using this dimension.)

Here is a link to a Yotatech page that has a lot of static info from folks doing the swap.

Enjoy clutching silence!



3rd gen Toyota 4Runner clutch spring replacement

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