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This year, we started a master bathroom remodel. For a bathroom stuck in the 1970s, we knew this job would greatly improve the look of the bathroom. To the right is a video that we took near the beginning of the process to show our bathroom at its worst. You can see the dated colors, the mineral deposits and build-up in the sink and shower, the dark wood trim and the general run-down look to the room.

Through the course of the past several months, we have:

In the next few months, we will also:

  • cut the existing mirror, frame it, and hang it back up  
  • add tiles above the shower stall to block moisture damage to the walls
  • build a towel cabinet that will extend the size of the sink cabinet

We had a budget of $1,500 for this job and thanks to our local ReStore, our own sweat equity and use of supplies we had on hand, we will meet our remodel budget. Our plan is to add a post on a weekly basis to show the progression of the job from pictures and videos taken during the process. Feel free to ask any questions about any particular job. We plan to post a picture at the end of the completed job with links to the products we used and reviews on their quality.

Bathroom Remodel

original linoleum
Here is one early image of our bathroom. We have peeled back one layer of linoleum at this point and removed the grimy shower doors. Notice all the dated colors.

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