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Game: Castle Panic

# of players: 1 to 6 players

Recommended age: Ages 9 and up

Play time: About 1 hour

Style: Cooperative board game

Summation:  This is a game of battling back magical monsters (trolls, goblins, orcs and others) and protecting the castle in the center of the game board.  The game is won by the players working together to fight each wave of monsters that threaten the castle so that at least ONE tower portion remains standing when all creatures have been vanquished.  The game has a learning curve, but Jack (at 9 years old) understood what it takes to win after playing it twice.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy to win.  Each time you play the game, the challenge is different.  There are also variations to make the game easier or harder than standard rules.  If you like the game, you might want to try the expansion set Wizard’s Tower:

or Munchkin Panic- a variation of the game based on the card game Munchkin.


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