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Game:  Conga – Cranium

# of players: 3-6 players

Play time:  About 30 minutes

Recommended age:  Ages 8 and up

Style: Family board game – Guess what I’m thinking style


There are so many versions of Cranium.  I think we’re on an unintended quest to try them all.  The Cranium games all have something to offer and are a great family game staple — like the Clue, Life and Parcheesi of past.

Jack received Conga (a Cranium variation) recently.  We enjoyed the game on a family night and the kids and I have played it again since.  The 4 usual sections of Cranium are included in this game: Creative Cat (sculpt or draw), Data Head (math questions), Star Performer (act, hum, sing) and Word Worm (language questions).  

Conga is based around a device that you write on with a small magna-doodle pen.  The first player picks a card clue, writes his/her answer and closes the lid.  A timer automatically starts and the other players take turns guessing what player 1 is describing, acting, sculpting, etc.  The timer is sporadic so the players don’t know when it will beep.  If a player guesses correctly before the timer goes off, the correct guesser and player 1 get the number of tokens the Conga device displays.  The more guesses have happened in a round the bigger the tokens awarded, but the more the guesses the greater chance someone gets the beep.  If a player is holding the Conga device when the beeper goes off, that player and player 1 don’t get tokens.  Everybody else scores one token.  

So in this game there is a difference between getting the right answer and getting it right at the best time.  Either way, you win tokens, but the luck of the timing can bring a player more tokens.

The tokens fill up a wheel and the first player with a full wheel wins.

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