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Game: Dungeon Roll

# of players: 1 to 4 players

Recommended: Ages 8 and up

Play time: 15 to 30 minutes

Style: Dice rolling game with personal character cards which give magical effects


Inside the game packaging dungeon chest are all the pieces you need to dungeon “delve” to knock out the bad guys and earn treasure.  The game includes:

  • Two sets of dice and a numbered level dice.  The two sets of dice are: black ones (bad guys) and white ones (your dungeon delving team of good guys).
  • Eight Hero/Character cards that are two sided: one side (lower level) second side (advanced level character).  The game includes characters like: Crusader, Enchantress, and Half-Goblin.  There are booster packs (which we haven’t purchased) which add additional Hero cards.
  • Little tokens with Roman numerals that represent your experience.
  • Little tokens that are drawn to reveal treasure.

The object of the game is to battle monsters (and maybe a dragon or two) and accumulate the most experience points. Play begins with each player choosing a card with one of eight adventurers to lead his attack into the dungeon.  The first player will “delve” into the dungeon by rolling the white dice to see what companions he will have in the dungeon.  Since it’s the first level, one monster dice is rolled.  The first player determines how he will beat that monster and then moves on to level 2 (with two monster dice rolled).  It’s possible to go 10 levels on one delve, but the average is 4 or 5 levels.  Play then moves to the next player who begins his 1st dungeon delve.  There are 3 dungeon delves per game for each player.  After the delves, experience points are tallied to find the winner.  The directions in the box were difficult to decipher so we watched these two videos to get a feel for the game.  

My favorite things about this game are that it is a fast game and it can be played solo when someone is bored and needs occupation. 🙂

Video Explains Pieces of Dungeon Roll Game

Video Shows Game Play of Dungeon Roll

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