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We have several kids cookbooks and decided this year to graduate Lauren to a cookbook that takes the expanding (dare I say, adventurous) taste buds of a teen into account.  We have enjoyed the flavors in several of the recipes in this Teens Cook book.  Try it and tell us what you think.

Egg Salad
This is Lauren's first adventure into egg salad. We're very happy with her results.
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  1. 2 hard-boiled eggs, diced
  2. 2 T mayonnaise
  3. 1/2 t. dry mustard
  4. sprinkling of seasoning salt
  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir together with a fork.
  2. Serving ideas: in a pita, on a sandwich, food fight??
  1. This makes enough for 1 1/2 sandwiches.
Adapted from Book: Teens Cook
Adapted from Book: Teens Cook
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