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Game: Fluxx card game

# of players: 2 to 5 players

Recommended: Ages 8 and up

Play time: 5 to 30 minutes

Style: Turn-based card game 


Lauren received Fluxx for her birthday and we got right to playing it.  This is a card game where the rules are constantly changing.  Don’t let that scare you though because it’s not too hard to keep track.  There are four types of cards (each colored differently): Action, Keeper, New Rule and Goal.  The game starts simply with three cards dealt to each player.  On the first players turn the rules are draw one card and play one card.  You start with only Action and Keeper cards in your hand, but as you draw from the stack you can get New Rule or Goal cards.  

The Action cards (blue trim) lists the step you have to take.  One of them requires you to swap cards with another player or choose one of their cards.  

Keeper cards (green trim) are played right in front of you.  They come in handy because most of the Goal cards require a combination of a couple Keeper cards to win the game.  Be careful though because an Action card or New Rule card could cause you to give up some of those Keepers you’ve played.

New Rule cards (yellow trim) establish new rules.  There can come a time when you have a traffic jam of new rules, but usually about then someone plays a New Rule card that resets the game back to the starting rules – phew!

Goal cards (pink trim) show what it takes to end the game.  Usually it’s a combination of a couple Keeper cards (like Cookies and Milk) that will win the game, but sometimes the Goal card can be met with 10 cards in your hand or other card combinations.  Until a goal card is played, it is impossible to win the game.

Remember, meet the goal card and the game ends immediately.  We have only played this game as two players and have found it to be a fun, casual game.  Sometimes, we really did finish play in 5 minutes.  Each new game requires separating the pink and yellow cards from the blue and green cards to start play.  We find that we like the longer play rather than the quick finish.

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