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Game: Forbidden Island

# of players: 2 to 4 players

Recommended: Ages 10 and up

Play time: 30 minutes

Style: Cooperative board game


This game is a balance of working together to locate four treasures as a team, while avoiding the hazards of a sinking island.  This was one of our family’s first cooperative game experiences and we immediately enjoyed the concept.  It isn’t necessarily easy to work together with all the players’ opinions, but we like the value that it’s teaching.  Each player has a different role in the game (one of six possible roles) that contributes to the ability of the team of players to gather the treasures in the least amount of turns so that the necessary tiles don’t sink and block everyone’s exit from the island.

The game varies each time it is played, and how the cards and tiles fall determines whether the match is even possible to win.  We have had some close calls, some game losses, and some satisfying wins.

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