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We purchased a 1996 Toyota 4Runner last year and spent a couple months repairing the vehicle so that it could be a reliable daily commute driver.  One of the jobs we accomplished was replacing the ignition coils.  We created a video of the process.  Click to the right to start the video.

Reason for repair:  

Computer was giving us a misfire code on the third cylinder.  We moved the coil in the third cylinder slot to the first cylinder slot and cleared out the computer.  A short time later the misfire showed up in the first cylinder position.  That led us to believe that replacing the engine coil could alleviate the code.

Parts needed:

The OEM replacement would be a Denso coil.  Amazon sells one Denso coil for $60.  We researched an alternative brand (Evan-Fischer) and found that it had 5-star reviews on Amazon.  The benefit of this brand is that we could replace all three coils for $50- so that is what we purchased.

Time involved:

The process of removing the throttle body and three old ignition coils followed by installing the new ignition coils and reinstalling the throttle body was easily accomplished in 30 minutes.


This repair was successful in clearing our ignition coil computer error codes.  Additionally, we found that:

  • Gas mileage went from about 15 MPG to upper 17s and lower 18s
  • Much more responsive acceleration
  • Cannot get the truck to buck when lugging it – it is just smooth running all the time

Ignition Coil Replacement

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