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I have been trying out all kinds of crockpot meals to make my life easier.  I have a favorite book full of recipes entitled Make It Fast, Cook It Slow.  The author has a website with most of her recipes posted – Crockpot 365.  She did a neat experiment of using the crockpot everyday for a year and came up with so many creative ideas.  My one beef with most crockpot recipes is that they aren’t particularly healthful, but this author has been cautious about that.  It’s tasty and nutritious.

My favorites so far have been Lasagne, Chicken Pot Pie with alternate cream soup (to replace canned “cream of …”), Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, and Refried Beans.  I plan to do a lot more experimenting.

Check out the author’s follow-up book too:


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