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Game: Scrambled States of America

# of players: 2 to 4 players

Recommended age: Ages 8-12

Play time:  20 minutes

Style: Card game – USA Geography

Summation: I purchased Scrambled States of America this year to help us learn the locations of the fifty states.  It has been a favorite game of Lauren (age 12).  During the game, each player has five state cards laid out in front of him/her. (We found a speed trick of the game is to lay the cards out from most western state to most eastern state.) Each player can also lay out an included map of the states to reference.  Each turn a red card is turned over.  

Red cards include geographic conditions like:

Touches the Atlantic Ocean; or

Touches Tennessee; or

Is east of Missouri.

And less geography-specific conditions:

State has the letter X, Y or Z in it; or

Nickname starts with H, K, or L; or

State has same number of letters as its capital.

And conditions purely about the image on the card:

State is showing teeth; or

Is blue; or

Is wearing something.

Whoever can respond fastest to the red card conditions by yelling out a state name of the cards he/she holds, wins that round and adds that state card to his/her state total.  The round winner can draw a new card to refill the stock of 5 cards laid out in front of him/her.  Another round begins with the turning over of a red card.  Play continues until all 50 state cards have been drawn.  The player with the most state cards in his/her state total wins.  

There is a silly story that this game is based on and a copy of the story was included in our game box.

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