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Game: Snake Oil

# of players: 2 to 10 players

Recommended: Ages 10 and up (although we’ve played it successfully with younger ones)

Play time: As long as you want it to last!

Style: Social card game 


This is a fun card game along the lines of Apples to Apples.  In this game, the object is to sell a customer on your freshly developed product.  Each turn a customer is chosen.  The customer draws a customer card to see what role she will be.  She could be a spy, a kindergartener, a dictator or maybe, a ninja…lots of possibilities.  The other players have five word cards each (i.e. gum, rainbow, bomb, yawn, river, …) in their hands and must choose two of these cards to make a new product and “sell” the customer their product – being sure to outsell the other players products.  For instance,  a player might sell the spy a “yawn bomb” to throw at her enemies and distract them from her slick moves.  It can get pretty crazy!  Each round the customer chooses their favorite product and the player who sold the product gets a point.

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