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Game: Sumoku

# of players: 2 to 5 players works best (we’ve only played it with 3)

Recommended: Ages 8 to 12 (younger students could manage the simpler multiples like 2 or 5)

Play time: 20 minutes or so

Style: Number tile game

One way that we like to jazz up our math portion of school is to play math games.  Sumoku is an excellent way to practice multiples of 3,4 and 5.  A die is rolled to determine the multiple for the whole game.  When we first played the game we didn’t roll the die, but instead made the multiple either 2 or 5 for ease of younger players.  Once established, the multiple is used in the whole crossword-like layout in the middle of the play area.  You can see our last layout here.  Not sure why we didn’t use the table, but this spread of dictionaries worked just fine for us.  You can see that our multiple for each row was “3.”
Players start with 8 tiles each turn and add as many of their tiles to the crossword as they can.  The tiles have to be in a row and the digits must add up to the multiple of the game.  One limit of the game is that each row can only contain six tiles — one tile for each of the six game colors.  If a player is able to place all six colors in a row in one turn, that player can lay another row of tiles from the tiles he/she already has.  
Each turn players’ scores are based on the sum of the digits on the tiles in the row they played — including the tile they are building off of.  When we play, we each keep track of our own score to give more math practice.  I find that our games go more quickly as the kids master their multiples and recall them with increasing speed.
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