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Game:  Telestrations

# of players: 3-8 players, 4 or more is better

Play time:  About 30 minutes

Recommended age:  We’ve played it with ages 8 and up

Style: Drawing party game


Telestrations is a favorite game for us to enjoy with a group of the kid’s friends.  The game is like the old game we played with friends called Telephone – except it’s medium is drawing not talking.  

Telestrations has laminated spiral bound books that each player starts by writing a starting item or phrase with dry erase marker.  The next player reads the word and draws what they think is written then passes it to player 3.  The 3rd player writes what they think player 2 drew and then passes to player 4.  Player 4 draws what they think player 3 wrote.  The process is repeated until each players book has all 8 pages filled.

One of our favorite parts of playing is laughing our hearts out at the drawings made in each book and what people translated the drawing to be.

Best if the players don’t mind letting their creative ideas fly.

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